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We are proud to offer three different ways for you to feed hay to your small friends

Timothy Hay – Premium First Cut Pure Timothy Grass, grown and made in Central Otago. Then the choicest cuts are hand selected and boxed up ready for your little friends.

Hay Chaff – Available in Timothy or Lucerne options. Chaff is simply hay cut up into lengths ranging from 1 to 4cm. It still provides long stem fibre, and is more compressible than regular hay. Chaff is really useful to add texture to pellet rations, for sprinkling on treats and throughout rabbit runs to help with foraging and environmental enrichment. It can also be used to help transition rabbits that are used to eating a lot of pellets onto long stem hay.

Our chaff is made from premium central otago grown hay, is very low in dust and cut into longer fibres than other chaffs, it is ideal for rabbits and guinea pigs.

Hay Pellets – Choice of Timothy or Lucerne. We are proud to be the only manufacturers and suppliers of Hay Pellets in NZ. Provides a valuable way to supplement your pets with premium hay that has been cold pressed into pellets.


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