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Our Story

Whiterocks Feed is a small Family business owned by Andrew Dickson and Merlyn Hay.  Andrew has a passion for growing and preserving grass and Merlyn is a veterinarian.   The perfect combination to start a fibre based animal feed business. Andrew had spent time in the states where Hay pellets are commonly available and was determined to make hay pellets available for New Zealand pets.   After much research and deliberation a dedicated fibre pellet mill was imported in 2020 and Whiterocks Feeds was born. 


Whiterocks Feeds is aiming to provide New Zealand small pet owners with superb quality fibre based Feeds.   This is enabled by being able to source some of the best hay available in NZ and then choosing only the best from this to make hay pellets, chaff, and eating box of hay to give the best possible nutrition and healthy happy lives for your pets.

rabbit and guinea pig
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